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Title Type Post date Author
Genes are gems:reporting agri-biotechnology Book 05/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Guidelines for planning local seed system interventions Book 05/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Crop residues in sustainable mixed crop/livestock farming systems Book 11/01/10 Fatima Abedi
Manual of laboratory procedures for quality evaluation of sorghum and pearl millet Book 11/01/10 sandhyagir
GIS application in cropping system analysis Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Food security in nutrient-stressed environments: exploiting plants' genetic capabilities Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Strengthening sorghum research collaboration in Asia Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
The contribution of ICRISAT's mandate crops to household food security Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
ICRISAT in the 21st century: towards sustainable food security Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Status and potential of pigeonpea in Eastern and Southern Africa Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
A research and network strategy for sustainable sorghum and pearl millet production systems for Latin America Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
GIS application in cropping system analysis-case studies in Asia Book 12/01/10 sandhyagir
Comparaitive analysis of seed systems in Niger and Senegal Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Development options for local seed systems in Mozambique Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Future challenges and opportunities for agricultural R&D in the semi-arid tropics Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Sharing perspectives on public-private sector interaction Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Methods for assessing the impacts of natural resource management research Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Impact of vertisol technology in India Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Sorghum genetic enhancement: research process, dissemination and impacts Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir
Integrated management of watersheds for agricultural diversification and sustainable livelihoods in Eastern and Central Africa Book 13/01/10 sandhyagir