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Insect Pest of Pearl Millet in West Africa
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F. Nwanze
Kith M. Harris
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Review of Agricultural Entomology
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Punblished the information on all insect pest  recorded from pearl millet (Pennistum galucum) in west Africa reviewed, with the emphisis on pest status biology, and controlthe major insect pests  at  presents are earhead caterpillar, heliocheilus albipwnctella (de Joannis), the millet  stem borer, Coniesta iegnfuslis (hampson) grasshopers melod and scrabied beetels. Many other insect pests suchs as grain midge,  Geromyia penniseti (Felt) or of local importance at present but could become more damaging in future. Published soures of information on off these pests are noted and recordeds are natural enimies especially parasetic Himenoptera but also parasitoids and paredators, are tabulated, Cultural, Chimecal and biological control methods and the use of host plant  resistence are reviewed and priliminary development of intigrated pest managemment programmes is noted. The general Concluson is that long-term widely applicable control of insect pest on pearl millet in the west Africa wiilhave to be based on intrigated pest management, with the emphasis on plant breeding for host plant resistance, and that priorty should be geven to testing and evaluating current cultural methods, screening selection and the study of resistance machnisms and increasing parasitoid through habitat manuipulation



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