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Making a Sense of Sustainability through Information Management Behaviour
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N. R. Jirli
Basavaprabhu Jirli
S. Ibrahim
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information management | Contour bunding | Bunding | Watersheds | Information dissemination | Vermicomposting | Terrace cropping | Water harvesting | Biofertilizers | Newspapers


Gangadharappa, N. R., Jirli, Basavaprabhu Jirli and Ibrahim, S.

Sustainability has recently become buzzword for agricultural programme in education, extension, research and government policies. The sustainable agriculture is defined broadly enough to include all the concepts like biological, ecological, alternative, regenerative and low input concepts to some degree and also addresses a specific set of criteria.
The thrust on Indian agriculture in the post green revolution period was in enhancing agricultural productivity through sustainable practices. In order to achieve this, Government of India implemented a national level programme for the development of rainfed areas through watershed approach.
Consequently the role of agricultural extension has in recent years taken a greater importance in the transfer of technologies and their adoption by the farming community. If the agricultural research is to yield technology appropriate to the farmers then information must reach from the user to the researcher as well as from researcher to the user. Specifically, the purpose of the research is served only when it reaches the real user for which it is ultimately aimed at. So the key role of information dissemination is left with the extension system and many a time the system fail to cope up with the situation. So a study was aimed to disclose the stand of extension system with respect to the management of information regarding the different dimensions of sustainability in a watershed area. Since the final conclusion regarding the efforts taken by the ‘information disseminators’ can be attained by looking into the information utilization pattern of the ultimate users, the research objectives was framed in that direction also.

National Workshop on Communication Support for Sustaining Extension Services. 17-18 February 2004 Eds. Dipak De, Basavaprabhu Jirli and K. Ghadei., Department of Extension Education, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, (India).


drought| proteins| genotypes| groundnuts| tolerance| irrigation| drought stress| mycotoxins| planting| diffusion of information